How to reserve a domain name .net

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Reserving a domain name

This page will describe exactly how you can reserve a domain name, right now. This is not difficult, and you can own your new domain name in a matter of minutes.

We will assume you know the name, and the top-level extension (com, org, net, info) you want for your new domain name.

You will need to visit the web site of a domain name registrar. There are many of these, for example

At the domain name registrar, you can use their search box to check instantly if the domain name you want is still available. You can try this by clicking the image below:

If it is, you can then 'reserve' it, by buying it – in other words, paying the annual fee to have the name registered to you. There is no other way of ensuring the name belongs to you. This usually costs about $10-$14 for a .com domain – other types of top level domain may cost more. You will have to give your contact details at the domain registrar, so that the domain is registered as yours.

Having bought and registered your new domain name, there is no need to immediately set up a website for it. In fact, the registrar will normally have a default page appear automatically, which lets everyone know who goes to the domain that it is taken.

Now the domain is yours – and will remain yours as long as you pay the registration fee every year. The only exception to this is if you have unwisely incorporated registered trademarks in the domain name – in that case expect to be challenged (assuming the registrar let you register such a name in the first place).

Reserving domain names is not hard – in fact, it is so easy that you may find yourself with a collection of domain names which you may plan to develop into websites, or just retain as investments.

To get started, go over to and look for the domain you want. Or, check our other pages in the menu bar above for some advice on choosing, buying and making money from your domains.

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